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Doing real good in the Open this year. I've been working hard and I won't let the same thing happen as last year. I still can't wait to come back to the hotel and get on Skype to go and see my kitty. Kintarou;s cat-camera is a real godsend. I get to see Karupin and that makes me happy.
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Between the sponsorship things I have to do Because I do owe Atobe for not dumping me with all those major losses I haven't really had time to enjoy Kin's little gift to me. Well, not any longer. Tomorrow, I'm ignoring the sponsors and I'm going and playing at my court. I'll set up the machines and get me some practice in. The season will start before I know it and I will be ready. I've got a fan that I can't let down.
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My haunted house is finished and tonight, the first guests arrive. I'm actually really excited about this and pretty proud of it. It's nowhere near the kind of thing they had in Cali, but not everything can be Knox Berry. Maybe next year, I'll take Kintarou to a real American haunted house. There's this one that's so scary that if you make it through, you get your money back.

Other than that, I've had to go and do a few sponsor things. I really don't enjoy doing it, but whatever. They kept me after my crappy year, so I guess I at least owe them a shoe advertisement or something.
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So, like the title says, a lot has happened. I enjoyed New York. Really really enjoyed it. My reasons are my own. But I think things are going my way since I won the Open. The normal reporters are even leaving me alone right now. I know it's probably bad to say, but I'm glad they found some other scandal to chase. I know though. They'll be back after me soon enough. They can't leave me alone for more than a week or two. Probably, around Halloween time. I have plans. I want to build a nice old fashioned American Style haunted house. I even got permission from the monks I write New Years blessings for to build it on their property using an old storage shed of theirs. It might bring the shine in some money before New Years.

So tired

Sep. 3rd, 2014 02:35 am
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 So I set a world record or something. Honestly, that wasn't half as long as the match I played against Atobe back in the day. Still, 2am is not my favorite time to be up. But I have to hand it to my opponent. He really pushed me hard, for it to go on as long as it did. I can't wait to get to the hotel and sleep. I need to as I've advanced to the Quarter Finals.

Yukimura. Tezuka. I'm coming for you next. As soon as I sleep

[ooc: so.... stealing a real life happening and throwing Ryoma into it...because I can. the real event is here]
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Between my matches and the press and everything else, I took a side trip to the women's courts. The press thought it was because I was like my old man and wanting to perve on girls in short skirts. No way! It's because believe it or not, they can play amazing tennis too.

There's this one girl... CiCi Bellis. She's 1,211th-ranked. Shes only 15. 15 years old and playing at the US Open. Young enough to enter the Junior division, but with enough balls to say I'm better than that and taking on women twice her age with three times the experience. And you know that. She went and took down the 12th ranked player. That is amazing. I haven't seen such amazing tennis is a long time.

It sort of reminds me of me back then. 15 and a whole life of tennis ahead of me. The Future of American Tennis is what they're calling her. I hope the pressure isn't too much for her. I hated that sort of pressure. Still do. I just want to play my game and beat the pants off of my opponents.

I sadly missed her last match as I was playing my own. I won mine. She lost hers. I wonder if I can catch her before she leaves New York. Let her know that she's got a lot ahead of her and to just keep playing the tennis she loves so much. It will take her places.
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I'm all packed and ready to go. I know the tournament doesn't start until the end of August, but I like going early when it's the US Open. I really enjoy New York. There is this great pizza place I always go to, even if their Grape Ponta tastes bad. Maybe I'll ask Kin to send me a case of real Japanese Ponta. It always tastes best. Or...I can ask my manager to ask HIS manager for it. Or I can just skip the middle man. Hey Monkey King. I need decent soda. STAT.

San Diego.

Jul. 25th, 2014 11:35 pm
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It's always really nice to be back in California. Comic Con has been crazy, but it's fun to watch Kin in his element. I've been doing a lot of translating, but not today because he had me put on this cat tail thing. I don't care if it was for a costume. Cat tails go on cats.

Speaking of which, I miss my Karupin, but I know she's alright.

The con ends Sunday but I think I'll be taking Kin around to show him some of the old places. Maybe I'll even take him to San Fran.

Hey Momo

Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:58 pm
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I know what day it is and I'm sure you do to. So because you're one of my best friends, I want to give you a big


I'll come by at some point with a present and to hang out a little.

[ooc: the present is one of the kittens. since they're ready to go to their forever homes soon. Momo just gets the first one]


Jul. 5th, 2014 01:18 pm
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Tezuka. Congradulations. We played a damn good match. I'll see you at the US Open. And I will win.


Jun. 23rd, 2014 06:23 pm
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It's taking place at the same time as the World Cup. But I could care less about soccer. I'm well on my way to facing Tezuka in the finals. Buchou, I won't let my guard down this time.

Damn it

Jun. 8th, 2014 10:42 pm
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That was NOT how I wanted the French Open to end. Not at all. That guy I was talking about, the one following me around. Well, he got onto the courts during the match and started yelling things at me. About how we were related and how brothers shouldn't ignore each other. I doubt I have to say anything more. It'll probably be all over the news for days, if not weeks. And the tabloids.

Security dragged him off and we got to play the rest of the match. ..Which Buchou, I...I'm really sorry. I'm sorry that happened. I'm sorry some idiot ruined a damn good game. I shouldn't have let it get to me. I lost focus.

Now, I get to go back home... though maybe I need to talk to the Old Man. Didn't really want to, but that guy seemed so convinced and knowing my dad, it's pretty possible. Only one way to know for sure. Get a DNA test done.
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Today, after the last match, I went to get something to eat. Some dude was following me. At first I didn't think so. Probably just a guy going the same way as me. But then the dude just kept right on behind me. No matter where I went, there he was.

I think I lost him before I got back to my hotel, but I looked out the window and he's just standing there. Outside the hotel.

I might have to call the cops. Last person I had stalking me was my dad. This dude isn't my dad thank god for that. In fact, he's probably a little older than me from the looks of him.


May. 24th, 2014 11:28 pm
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Paris is nice as usual. The hotel has way too much room. I miss my cat and Kintarou.

I've been working hard to up my game. This time, I'll not only make it to Finals, I'm going to win this.

[ooc: strikes deleted]
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They're so little and cute. Karupin won't let me near them yet, but I think I counted six little ones.
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We're back from that convention. It was actually pretty fun. I really enjoyed myself and it was interesting to get to see Kin in his element. I didn't mind being his translator at all. I also went and saw my mom for a little before we got back. She was pretty proud of me for finally getting out of that house. She also teased me a little about living with Kintarou

It's nice to be home for a bit. My cat is nesting now. The vet says she'll have kittens really soon. I feel dumb for not noticing, but I guess that was what she was up to when she was out and about. I guess that means once the kittens are weaned, she'll be getting fixed.

Even more than that, the French Open is a month away. I need to really buckle down and start focusing on tennis again. Buchou, I'm coming for you.
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So...my cat's getting really fat. Not just fluff, but actual fat. I might have to put her on a diet but I can't deny her when she gives me those eyes of hers.
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You're the only one I can ask. Kintarou kissed me and I didn't hate it! It was only on the cheek but...I usually hate that sort of thing. But I didn't. I was actually sort of okay with it. Is there something wrong with me? Am I turning into a pervert after I finally got away from dad? I can't ask anyone else...
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Happy birthday, Kin! Karupin says so too.

I hope you're hungry cause I'm cooking. And then, you get presents.
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